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Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients. We welcome patient feedback to let us know how we can improve – please send us details of your experience.

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My son may have lost his nose

Dear Dr. Cavanaugh,

I tried to put this on the computer but I must tell you, I am 86 and not computer literate. Steve does not have a computer and suffers from dyslexia, which unfortunately when he was young, the teachers had never heard of such a thing. The last time my son was in there he asked me to please write or post on the computer what a wonderful doctor you are.

Without you he may have lost his nose or been terribly disfigured and you put his nose back together with hardly a scar. I was out or town, I received a call and and saw pictures of how bad it was. You were patient, and you did miraculous work, and you are in my prayers and his.


Marcia L.
He saved my life

I wanted to thank Dr. C: you probably don’t know, but you saved my life more than once, about 4 or 5 years ago. Dr. C, your treatment and advice resulted in me questioning something that happened with another doc. Something that would not have ended well. Sometimes the little pieces of off topic advice can be lifesaving. I still tell all the front range folks to go to you for help. I needed to share my gratitude, even if it is a few years late. Thanks again.

Dr. Cavanaugh is a wonderful doctor

Over the years, we’ve had very good experiences with Dr. Cavanaugh and team. More than ten years ago Dr. Cavanaugh put tubes in our daughter ears, and he recently removed her tonsils.

Both surgeries were managed with a degree of excellence and our daughter’s experience was very positive. Dr. Cavanaugh takes the time to ask the right questions and cares about his patients.

Most importantly, during the time of preparing and leading up to surgery, as well as post-op, we felt very well informed. Dr. Cavanaugh was very helpful, and we felt well prepared as to how best care for her tonsillectomy recovery.

Dr. Cavanaugh is a wonderful doctor, we highly recommend his excellent service, medical expertise, professionalism, and patient care.

Kristy K.
He takes the time to listen and understand

Going to Dr. Cavanagh is a refreshing reminder what its like to go to a doctor in private practice rather than a corporate clinic. Dr. Cavanagh is a professional that takes the time to listen and understand what your major complaint is and then takes the time to treat you as a patient and not just a number.

Since November I have seen several doctors and had 1 CT scan. I was told by one doctor he wouldn’t touch my sinus issues. Another had a bizarre treatment that didn’t set well with my condition or age.

Dr. Cavanagh is the only one that spotted the issue on my CT scan and has been working with me to clear it up. I appreciate the fact that he’s not prescribing drugs that he feels are expensive and not needed. I asked many questions and he never made me feel like he was rushed or that the questions were not important.

I would strongly recommend that if you are looking for an ENT that you look at Dr. Cavanagh and his staff.

Linda W
He was very thorough in telling me what to expect

I was referred to Dr. Cavanaugh for a tonsillectomy after years of chronic tonsillitis and other problems. Dr. Cavanaugh was quick to agree that they needed to be removed, and was very thorough in telling me what to expect from the surgery. There were some scheduling difficulties to overcome, and Dr. Cavanaugh was gracious enough to squeeze me in for surgery the following week. My surgery went great, and I felt comfortable knowing what to expect in the coming weeks. What really stood out to me was that Dr. Cavanaugh called me on multiple occasions int he days following my surgery to make sure I was doing well and wasn’t experiencing any complications or unnecessary pain. As an adult, I was aware that the recovery was going to be rough, but I have felt taken care of through this entire process. I would highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh to anybody that needs his services-he takes care of his patients in a way that most doctors these days don’t take the time to do. I am grateful that I was referred to Dr. Cavanaugh, because I truly received first rate care from him and his entire team.

Heather R.
I highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh and his team!

I’d like to take a minute to thank Dr. Cavanagh and his staff. I came to Dr. Cavanagh with some nasal polyps, heavy snoring and a potentially serious sleep apnea situation, I was at my wits end. Dr. Cavanagh was able to quickly determine a course of action, he was able to perform perform surgery that not only made breathing easy, significantly impacted my snoring and completely eliminated the potential risk of sleep apnea for me. This made a major difference in my quality of life. Dr. Cavanagh’s staff at Front Range Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery were totally professional and friendly. They knew me by name and made me feel at home. I highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh and his team!

Steve C
You have my sincere gratitude for improving my life

Please allow this letter to serve as a small token of appreciation. I have suffered with positional vertigo for as long as I can remember. At the age of 63 I cannot remember the last time I could lie flat on the floor without my head being elevated. Your treatment for my vertigo has produced to lean the chair back further than ever before. I did not suffer vertigo during the crown procedure.

I am not a physician so I can not claim I am cured of vertigo. What I know is I can lay on the floor without an elevated head, have dental work done without fear of a vertigo attack, as well as no longer suffering vertigo while in other physical positions. Many physical limitations and inhibitions are now removed from my life.

You have my sincere gratitude for improving my life. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and knowledge.

Harry S.
They have all been so kind and helpful throughout a very scary process

I can’t say enough about Dr. Cavanaugh and his staff. They have all been so kind and helpful throughout a very scary process. My daughter, unfortunately, recently broke her nose, bad enough to require surgery. My beautiful little girls’ face was black and blue and very swollen. The staff at the office was so helpful; they were able to get us in almost immediately. We met Dr. Cavanaugh and he was so nice, gentle and extensively thorough. My daughter was so scared; he explained everything to her in detail for her to be able to understand. He made her very comfortable and was so gentle with minor manipulations in the office. Then it was time for surgery, he talked to us before the procedure, which was great and put us at ease. He then came out after the surgery was over to tell us the results. The news he shared was great, but he was so humble in what he had done. Once we were able to see our daughter again, we saw how truly talented he was. My beautiful daughters face was back!! After surgery she hardly had any swelling and no bruising at all. You cannot even tell that a week and half earlier her poor little face was smashed. That night Dr. Cavanaugh even went out of his way to call us at home and check on her. I was beyond blessed and pleased with Dr. Cavanaugh and his staff, I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Taylor M
Dr. Cavanaugh has been so wonderful to me and is an amazing surgeon

I have been seeing Dr. Cavanaugh since March 2017 for vertigo. Prior to seeing him I had experienced vertigo episodes on and off for several years. Dr. Cavanaugh is extremely thorough in his approach and takes his time asking questions and understanding your medical history. He does the Epley Maneuver several times until the dizziness goes away, hence crystals back in place. He also did extensive sinus surgery on my husband. We both highly recommend him. His office staff are always very friendly and were able to get me in to see him whenever I had a bad vertigo episode. If you have vertigo, he is the right doctor to help you get better!

Bethany L
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Sean Barak and also Dr. Cavanaugh.

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Sean Barak and also Dr. Cavanaugh. Dr. Barak fiited me with hearing aids and provided excellent explanations, directions and follow-up. I have experienced severe nose bleeds and Dr. Cavanaugjh was very thorough and gentle with the treatment. I highly recommend this practice for their professionalism and skill and timely response.

Donna M
His staff replied every time I called

My experience with Dr. Cavanaugh was so positive as his staff replied every time I called while I was in distress. His “Old School” patient interaction was so comforting during this difficult time in my life. Thank you all.

Tom M
He carefully taught me what to do

I went to Dr. Cavanaugh for what I thought was a snoring/sinus problem. After a thorough intake and tests, he diagnosed reflux as the core problem and gave me better advice and safer medications than the GI specialist for resolving the issues. Because of the thorough questioning, I also mentioned some brain fog issues, with occasional dizziness. Ear crystals were the culprit, and the Epley manoeuver at the office, then at home, resolved my problems. He carefully taught me what to do, and was happy to explain the why whenever I asked a question. Who knew the ear could cause brain fog?! His focused manner might appear gruff at first, but he is concentrating intently on his patient and cares deeply for each one. Please ask him questions, and you will have a great interaction. His MA and his office staff are all fantastic, warm, and always helpful. I highly recommend the doctor and his office to you.

by Kira Abdallah
Outstanding physician & experience!!

Outstanding physician & experience!! This doc is brilliant, thorough, compassionate and a respectful listener. He clearly takes pride in detailed assessments and demonstrates patience & persistence in getting to the root of the problem rather than just trying to eliminate symptoms. His communication skills are superb…& he intuitively picks up on & is quick to alleviate his patients’ anxieties. He is firm about letting you know that he’s there to help resolve your problem WITH you…& includes you in the decisions and the process. The office staff is likewise remarkably responsive, courteous & attentive. I would trust this doc & his practice with ANY ENT or facial plastics-related issue. Thanks, Dr. C. & Front Range OTO!!

Linda A
Great follow-up and I would highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh

I had a fatty cyst on the back of my neck the size of a fist. Dr. Cavanaugh removed it. He assured me the scarring would be minimal and he was right. Great job. Great follow-up and I would highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh.

John M
Their staff is also excellent and the service they provide is first rate

I went to Dr. Cavanaugh on a referral from my primary care doctor. I was having symptoms of pressure on the right upper part of my head whenever I would bend over or cough or sneeze. These symptoms had been going on for some time and I was concerned I might have a serious condition. In past months I had also experienced occasional spells of dizziness when waking up in the morning. Dr. Cavanaugh recognized the symptoms as relating to the displacement of crystals in the inner ear. He conducted what is called the Epley maneuver which helps to reposition these crystals. The results were miraculous. I felt better almost immediately. He instructed me on how to do tune-ups using this maneuver at home and I continued feeling much better. It was hard to believe that the inner ear could have been the cause of the pressure symptoms on the upper right side of my head, but that turned out to be the case and these symptoms completely cleared up. I highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent and saved me from a lot of grief and unnecessary procedures and tests.

I also highly recommend Dr. Sean Barak who works in the same office. Dr. Barak is an audiologist who conducts hearing tests and helps those who need hearing aids. He fitted me for a pair of custom ear plugs for sleeping. My ear canal is so narrow that off the shelf ear plugs do not stay in my ear and so do not work for me. Dr. Barak also makes custom ear plugs for musicians, designed especially for their needs.

Don’t hesitate to visit Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Barak at Front Range Otolaryngology. Their staff is also excellent and the service they provide is first rate. I couldn’t be happier with what they did for me.

Greg Desilet
I so appreciated the patients Dr. Cavanaugh had. He never gave up on me!

I was suffering with a severe cough for two months. I was finally referred to Dr.Cavanaugh. He was extremely patient and thorough. He asked a lot of questions to try and get to the root of my problem. After some testing, he diagnosed it as reflux. I was a little skeptical but took the medication as prescribed. When I wasn’t better the second time I saw him, he changed my medication times. We also talked about my diet and what could be triggering my coughing. After three weeks, my coughing stopped. I so appreciated the patients Dr. Cavanaugh had. He never gave up on me!

Marilyn Bradley
I highly recommend Dr. Cavenaugh for his competence, caring manner and determination to help.

I’ve been going to Dr. Cavenaugh for about a year. For over 20 years I had been suffering with hoarseness, frequent coughing and sleepless nights together with allergies lasting from February through November. He has patiently helped me with a change of diet and medication which has improved my life immensely. I no longer wake up coughing at night and can talk without people asking me “what’s wrong”. I highly recommend Dr. Cavenaugh for his competence, caring manner and determination to help. He goes above and beyond to treat each person as an individual and work with you to resolve your health problems.

Jacque Sheppeck
Thank you Dr. Cavanaugh for your expertise and excellent medical skills

I have always had issues with strep throats and tonsillitis. This year was especially bad with four cases of step throat in less then six months. Dr. Cavanaugh recommended that I should have my tonsils removed. I’m currently on week two of recovering from surgery, but this was an operation that I needed. I’m healing fast and I’m looking forward to not constantly having sore throats. Thank you Dr. Cavanaugh for your expertise and excellent medical skills.

Sylvia U
I have never felt better

When I met Dr. Cavanaugh I could barely breath through my nose, I had chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps, I was getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and was told by another ENT that Surgery was my only option. Dr. Cavanaugh listened, diagnosed and recommended alternatives to surgery, with his help I can now breathe normally, I get 8 hours of sleep per night and I have never felt better. I highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh.

Shawn P
He is an excellent doctor with a great staff, and he has made a positive difference

Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh was called to Longmont United Hospital on an emergency basis due to an automobile accident in which I suffer extensive facial and head wounds. I was comforted some when the emergency room nurse said to me, “You are lucky that Dr. Cavanaugh is coming in because he is the best trauma plastic surgeon you could get!” After meeting with him in the Emergency Room, I understood exactly what the nurse had meant. He was very focused on my care and surgical needs. Once he assessed the injuries, he immediately shared his plan of action with my wife and me, and began making arrangements for what ended-up being six hours of very tedious reconstructive surgery. Following the surgery, he updated both my wife and me with his work and provided the comforting news that I would have a very good outcome in time. I am four weeks out from the surgery and I am amazed at the results of Dr. Cavanaugh’s work! Many of my personal acquaintances who saw me soon after surgery and again recently have commented that they are very amazed with the way I have healed and the remarkable work by Dr. Cavanaugh. Each visit back to his office has been very positive as Dr. Cavanaugh and his office staff are very positive and up-beat. He has provided excellent care and precise information as to what I can expect and my role in the healing process between visits.

I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh as an outstanding physician and surgeon. He is an excellent doctor with a great staff, and he has made a positive difference in what was a very traumatic accident.

David Burnison
His expertise changed our daughter’s life for the better!

We had a problem that appeared to be an allergy issue in most ways, but allergy tests were negative. Our very good family doctor continued investigating allergies, meanwhile my 3rd grade daughter spend a year sniffling, blowing her nose, and talking like she had a clogged nose, leading to distraction in school of herself and others, loss of sleep, and failure to be as thriving and successful as her potential. A friend recommended Dr. Cavanaugh and in one office visit he quickly discovered that her adenoids were too large and should be removed. They helped us feel confident and comfortable about the diagnosis, got surgery scheduled efficiently (which saved us money due to insurance reasons), and provided excellent pre-op, operative, and post-op care. Dr. Cavanaugh is clearly very smart and capable. He is an excellent doctor with a great staff, and his expertise changed our daughter’s life for the better!

Ben Bishop
Dr. Cavanaugh was reassuring in a very frightening time and was very available

If you wanted to be treated like a real person and not just some patient in a long line of patients… go see Dr. Cavanaugh.After an ER visit I was admitted to the hospital for a very severe and recurring condition. The hospital staff could do nothing for me except for attempt to stop my episode only to have it start again within a few hours. Dr. Cavanaugh was reassuring in a very frightening time and was very available. The Dr. went far above and beyond what I have ever seen a specialist or primary care physician do for a patient by being reachable and continuing to offer solutions to my challenging condition. While it took multiple procedures the issue was resolved and I was assured that there were additional steps that could be taken if I continued to have any issues.The doctor’s office staff was excellent and very caring. While I was having a much longer than expected procedure in his office they even bought lunch for my wife while she waited.Absolute professional with care for the person’s well being!

Mike S
He is very caring and thorough

I am so happy to recommend Dr. Cavanaugh. Finally after years of dealing with tinnitus and occasional dizziness not only do I have a diagnosis, but a treatment plan that has made a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. Early in the year I experienced in my left ear a very noticeable hearing loss, sensitivity to loud sounds and altered hearing- certain frequencies were harder to hear and higher pitched sounds sounded “tinny”. Following Dr. Cavanaugh’s treatment plan has helped me enormously. My hearing in my left ear is now very close to normal and I’m no longer plagued with the sensitivity to loud sounds and “tinny” sounds. I’m able to enjoy listening to music again, hear my children from other parts of the house.. enjoy a good show on TV.. so many things I took for granted before!

Dr. Cavanaugh is a wonderful doctor. He is very caring and thorough. He takes the time to really listen to his patients so that he has a real understanding of their issues and how to move forward with their treatment plan. I am so grateful to Dr. Cavanaugh and his staff!

Diane Molinaro
DR. Cavanaugh has walked the road with us to getting our little girl back

My Daughter was sick all last year. She miss so many days of school and no matter what we did she seemed to catch everything. Then friends and family started commenting on her hearing. So we too her into our GP who suggested there maybe something going on with her tonsils and referred us to DR. C. He immediately recognized that something was happening but it was more likely with her adenoids. We went forward to with having her tonsils and adenoids removed and holy cow what a difference. Not only has she been so much more healthy but DR. Cavanaugh has walked the road with us to getting our little girl back. He is thorough and kind and I highly recommend him.

He saved me from a great deal of expense and discomfort

In July of 2015, I suffered a surfing accident that injured my left tympanic membrane. Dr. Cavanaugh determined that I had a 40% tear in the membrane. He explained very clearly the implications and the possible treatments. He suggested we try the simplest of methods to repair it, a paper patch over the perforation. He warned me that the chances of success weren’t great, but it was worth a first attempt as it was simple and more cost effective. I agreed as I didn’t want to have surgery (one of the treatment options). Dr. Cavanaugh left no doubt that this was a bit of a long-shot. After the procedure, he was very accommodating when I had concerns that the patch came off and got me in quickly to check on it. All was well though.

Just yesterday, he removed the patch and was extremely surprised to find that the perforation healed up completely! Mine was the largest perforation that he had ever headed by that technique.

I’d like to thank Dr. Cavanaugh for being so professional and willing to try the simplest of procedures first before jumping straight to surgery. He saved me from a great deal of expense and discomfort.

David Nadeau
He makes me feel welcome and very attentive to my needs

I am an elderly patient and needed a new set of hearing aids as I had lost my last set. I saw Jennie the Audiologist who was the kindest person. I was able to learn all about my hearing aids in 1 visit. I have not had one problem with them and can hear the birds chirping again. Dr. Cavanaugh always makes me feel welcome and very attentive to my needs.

Their office staff is so very friendly and I will help you with any questions about insurance or your visit.

It feels good to have healthy sinuses again!

I suffered with severe headaches and other symptoms for almost a year after a tooth extraction left me with a chronic sinus infection. Having a Science and Engineering background myself, I recognized that Dr. Cavanaugh’s meticulous attention to detail and scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment would likely lead to success. It did, and it feels good to have healthy sinuses again!

Joe Y.
I can now eat, sleep,and I am free from ear pain

After receiving care repeatedly at a clinic that made me feel like I was just a number. I was getting no relief and actually getting worse. I went looking desperately to find someone who would help me. By this time I was a wreck and could barely swallow and had horrid ear pain. Dr. Cavanaugh”s office was sympathetic and I was seen immediately. His office was the complete opposite of what I was accustom to. There were no other patients being cattle called in. I was greeted by the most pleasant office staff and nurse. I felt like I was the only patient he was concerned with. Dr. Cavanaugh was extremely thorough and explained everything in a manner that I was comfortable with. I can now eat, sleep,and I am free from ear pain. Dr. Cavanaugh is a rare find and I would highly recommend him!

His alertness and knowledge really impressed me

Dr. Cavanaugh is the most caring and competent medical person I have come into contact with and his staff is friendly and easy to work with. My primary care physician recommended going to Dr. Cavanaugh for a very nasty skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) that had developed on the back of my ear and that had spread to the side of my head. I was very fearful that I would lose part of my ear and be disfigured. After a biopsy, he gave me several options for surgical removal, which included going to other surgeons. I’m very happy that I chose to have him do the surgery himself. He did an excellent job of removing the cancer and reconstructing the area with a skin graft. After several months you cannot tell I ever had a problem. There are no scars, etc. He also has been treating me non-surgically for several skin abnormalities on my neck and chest. He is always very attentive, personable and has an amazing memory for past details.

On my first visit to him, within about 2 minutes of speaking, Dr. Cavanaugh picked up on my mild case of spasmodic dysphonia (a rare speech disorder), and asked me if I had seen anyone for that particular problem. I had already been diagnosed for that problem but it took several years and 3 different Ear, Nose and Throat docs to get it properly diagnosed and without mentioning it, he picked up on it right away and knew exactly what it was. His alertness and knowledge really impressed me.

William Rivers
He is a gifted, thoughtful and responsive doctor

Our family has had the privilege of working with Dr. Cavanaugh for the past few months. One of our daughter’s was having issues with swollen glands, sore throat and restless sleep. She had surgery (tonsils, etc.) this summer to correct the issues with fantastic results!

We were also referred to Dr. Cavanaugh by our primary care physician to treat our youngest daughter for post-concussion symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and headache. She was so discouraged by her lengthy recovery rate and continued symptoms until she met Dr. Cavanaugh. He related to her immediately and spent the time to explain what was going on in her head – and what he could do to help her. Dr. Cavanaugh gave her hope and the treatments have been successful. As parents, we couldn’t ask for more!

We are so very thankful for the concern and thought he has put into diagnosing and treating our children.

He is a gifted, thoughtful and responsive doctor who has made us feel comfortable and at ease at each appointment. We highly recommend Dr. Cavanaugh, and his staff, to everyone!!!

Tammy Wergin
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cavanaugh to all my family and friends

Dr. Cavanaugh and his team are FABULOUS! When our 19 year old son had been gradually suffering from sleep apnea and discomfort during eating, we went to Dr. Cavanaugh for a consult. Our son’s tonsils had grown over the years and had not gone down in size after getting sick. Dr. Cavanaugh established great rapport immediately with my son, and recommended he have his tonsils out (they were huge!). After a thorough exam and a few follow ups pre-surgery, my son then had his tonsils out last month. We are SO appreciative of the great care and concern, and precision and expertise, used by Dr. C and his team. Dr. Cavanaugh was meticulous, both in surgery and with pre- and post- care. At my son’s age, I had some major concerns, but Dr. Cavanaugh put us at ease, and was true to his word of healing expectations and immediate availability to my calls with questions. My son sleeps so much better and is back to normal teenager activity. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cavanaugh to all my family and friends who need this type of doctor.

Terese Roob