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Ear Pain

Ear pain, or an earache, can be a sharp or dull pain in one or both of you ears. Sometimes the pain comes and goes, and sometimes it is constant. Ear pain is generally a symptom of a wide range of illnesses. You doctor will be the best person to fully evaluate and help ease your symptoms.

Symptoms & Causes

Sometimes earaches can bring a burning pain to the ear. In children, ear pain can cause a wide range of behavioral changes such as pulling on the ears and increased crying. In adults, ear pain can cause irritability and fever. Ear pain can be caused by an ear infection, arthritis, an injury from pressure changes, sinus infection and tooth infection. In children ear pain can be caused by irritation from cotton-tipped swabs, and also soap or shampoo stuck in the ear.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Contact your doctor’s office if severe pain or high fever occurs. Dizziness, swelling and weakness are all signs of danger and indications you need to see a medical professional. When you see your doctor, she or he will physically examine the ear and decide what course of action to take depending on your symptoms. Treating ear pain depends on the specific condition that is causing your discomfort.


To prevent ear pain, avoid smoking near children, putting objects into the ear canal, and known allergy triggers.